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Financial Privacy Foundation

FPF's mission is to educate and empower individuals and communities to take control of their financial privacy and security, and to promote a fair and equitable financial system that respects personal privacy.

About Us


The Financial Privacy Foundation (FPF) is a start-up non-profit organization incorporated and based in the Cayman Islands. FPF began operations in late 2023. FPF has built out its infrastructure and we are proud to launch our first grantmaking program, FPF x FPF, with proposals currently under review for possible funding. Click here to learn more.

What We Do


Grantmaking - Financial Privacy Fund - FPF x FPF

The FPF x FPF Grant Program launched March 18, 2024! Click here to learn more and apply

Event Management and Support

FPF will provide funding and/or logistical support for privacy-focused events taking place outside of the United States. Examples of events to be supported include: hackathons, educational events, privacy-focused meetups around the world, and conferences that focus on privacy and privacy-related technologies.

Other Programs

FPF is open to partnership and collaboration within the privacy community to amplify voices and projects that will have an immediate impact on financial privacy. Contact us with ideas for projects or collaboration. 

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