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Financial Privacy Foundation

FPF's mission is to educate and empower individuals and communities to take control of their financial privacy and security, and to promote a fair and equitable financial system that respects personal privacy.

About Us


The Financial Privacy Foundation (FPF) is a start-up non-profit organization incorporated and based in the Cayman Islands. FPF began operations in late 2023. FPF has built out its infrastructure and we are currently discussing partnerships with multiple blockchain projects. Scroll down to learn more.

Announcement: FPF + ZecHub Partnership

What We Do


Support for Unincorporated Privacy-Focused Projects

The Financial Privacy Foundation (FPF) seeks to address a critical need for operational and financial management support among unincorporated organizations and ad-hoc groups in the cryptocurrency space, with a specific focus on privacy-focused protocols. These organizations, primarily focused on completing technically challenging and innovative products and services, frequently lack the resources to manage their operational and financial affairs effectively. FPF aims to bridge this gap by providing a fully scaled organizational structure and comprehensive back-office support, ensuring these groups can focus on their primary mission and maximize their impact.

Grantmaking - Financial Privacy Fund - FPF x FPF

The FPF x FPF Grant Program is not currently accepting new applications.

Other Programs

FPF is open to partnership and collaboration within the privacy community to amplify voices and projects that will have an immediate impact on financial privacy. Contact us with ideas for projects or collaboration. 

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